Learn to code in Whistler

With support from Vancouver's Lighthouse Labs, Whistler School is covering the fundamentals of web development to help you build your coding literacy and gain valuable tech skills. This 36 hour, part-time course will introduce you to popular programming languages like Ruby, HTML & CSS, while providing you with a solid understanding on how programming works. This course is delivered by Whistler School, and local developers who will provide mentorship and support while you learn to work with templates and create web-based applications.


You want to be able to speak the language? Curious about a career as a software developer? This 6-week course is right up your alley!

Coding Newbies:

Learn the fundamentals of web development

Managers and Leaders:

Improve communication with your Dev teams

Entrepreneurs & Ideators:

Have a great idea? Trying to build an MVP? Kickstart the process, gain hybrid career skills and add technical literacy to your resume.


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Week 1 & 2

Web Programing with HTML & CSS

Get introduced to object oriented programing with ruby. Learn the foundation languages of the web: HTML & CSS. Our instructors will teach you how a browser understands a web page, and allow you to start building your own.

Week 3 & 4

Web Programing with HTML & CSS

It’s not enough to understand how your browser looks at a web page. You’ll learn how the server side of building a web application works. Using the powerful, yet easy to learn Ruby programming language, you’ll learn the principles of working with data and the techniques that professional developers use to structure their applications.

Week 5 & 6

Web Programing with HTML & CSS

In the final section of the course, you'll put the finishing touches on your very own web application, and deploy it so your friends and family can see what you’ve created. We'll then show you what else is out there and how to take your new skills to the next level.


Learn from professional developers who bring years of experience into the classroom.

This course is passionately taught by local developers here in Whistler, and supported by Lighthouse Labs.

Jack Crompton

Jack likes to start businesses and ski. He is on Whistler council and is most excited about finding ways to help build good jobs for Whistlerites. Jack is a co-founder of the software company Ridebooker.com.

Stefan Koch

Bikes, snowboards and code. Stefan really loves life as a software engineer... just ask him. Stefan also won an art contest drawing Lothar Matthäus when he was in grade 3.

Jamie Carson

Apart from being a full stack developer, Jamie used to work in the world of machine learning. This is great until the machines become sentient and rise up to kill us all. Oops.


Intro to Web Development: $1,500 + applicable taxes

Upon completing your application, you'll be prompted to pay course fees of $1,500 + applicable taxes.
Graduates of the Intro to Web Development program will receive an $850 credit towards our Web or iOS Development Bootcamp.


Join us at our office for an in-depth look at our upcoming program in Whistler!

The format will be casual and open: a brief presentation from our Instructors, followed by a Q&A period.
Whether you've got big questions you'd like answered or you'd just like to swing by and learn a little more about us before signing up, you're welcome here!

February 8, 6pm:

Ridebooker HQ
202-4309 Skiers Approach, Whistler BC
(above Mountain Riders)


Can't wait to start? Neither can we! Starting March 13, this 6-week course will be every Monday and Wednesday evening. 6pm - 9pm.

MARCH 13 - APRIL 19, 6-9 pm

Course location:

Maury Young Arts Centre
4335 Blackcomb Way
Whistler, BC, V0N1B4